"Christ, she's a card. You'll bloody love Sheila Knacquers. She's exactly what Australia needs right now. Honest to goodness sassy songs and a real look at life in country Australia"

Emu Brown, punter and harmonica virtuoso

Country Music Comedy

Sheila hails from a long line of non-musical talents. She likes drinking, swearing and shagging!

Genre: Australian country music, folk, comedy

Hometown: Nurragunnacoonawallabillarenebri Australia

Influences: Gleny Rae Virus, Sarah Carroll, Melanie Horsnell, Wanita Queen of Honky Tonk, Bec Willis, Ilona Harker, Toni Swain, Leah Flanagan, Tracey Lee Gray, Beccy Cole, Amber Lawrence and all the sexy mothers doing their things on the Aussie Music Scene

Label: Dark Magic Records


If Barry McKenzie and Pixie-Anne Wheatley had a twinkle in their eye, Sheila Knacquers would have been the baby they never wanted. She sings like a drunk, shouty, inappropriately behaved Aunty on a bender at Christmas

Sheila Knacquers is an Australian invention of country comedy, fierce feminism and quirky performance art, likened to Australia's Celeste Barber if Celeste was crankier, drunker and lived in the bush

Sheila's Agony Aunt Advice helps regular Aussies to live a life of love and be a great citizen of our Nation

Sheila Knacquers' Songs and Stuff is available online

Knackerology: your monthly horrorscope, published here and available on the socials

Coming Soon:

BINGO: The Renegade Women of Country Music - Board Game

Sheila Knacquers presents The Meat Raffle

Crafted and poured like a warm VB stubby, Sheila Knacquers is the brain-child of Irene Lemon, a performing artist from regional NSW